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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Do not emulate Bill Gates in Money Matters

This article is regarding Human Nature & does not pertain to any person in specific; however, earthly persons can find their own face figuring in this article, which demonstrates the Ways of Human Nature & how it operates in earthly Human beings. Hope the content of the article shall not hurt anyone & if it in any sense annoys someone, then he can share his feelings with me.

Human Nature is such that every human being on this earth wants to have all the good earthly things, which is normally called Material Things of Life & which can be easily bought with money. For all these material things, human being work daily, work hard to achieve it & work very hard to achieve these passionately. Many can fulfill all their desires of achieving Material Things of Life, while other unfortunate ones fail to fulfill their goal. Now this article is all about those people who fulfill all their desires of achieving Material Things of Life. Such people in Society are generally called Rich & Successful People.

Now when a person has achieved these material things, then his/her desire for getting rich should cease. But Human Nature is not like that & it urges that person to accumulate more & which that person describes as To be more successful in Life. Here a thing to be noted is that , this person has already achieved Money & success as desired by him & as required in his life i.e. that person has enough money to enjoy his life but still his/her inner urges require that person to hoard more & more money. This person makes his/her mission to hoard more & more money to satisfy his personal ego. Now this person starts comparing him/her with other more rich persons than him/her in Society & aimlessly starts running after money, to leave others behind in Rat race that he/she is following for money. In doing so that person even forgets what he/she is going to do with this money or why he/she is hoarding that money. There is only one answer to it & that is to satisfy his/her ego to be ahead of others in hoarding money.

As per words of Mahatma Gandhi, God has given sufficient for everyones needs on this earth but not for the Greeds. These rich people who hoard this money beyond what they can spend, in fact are having the poor people share, which God/Nature has allotted for them. Then there comes a day of realization in these Rich persons life & they realize that money has its limitations & after collecting all that hoard of wealth, there life is still empty, their purpose of life is still not met, they feel something void inside them which money cannot fulfill. To fill that void, they then start getting rid of that money & start donating that money, may be they think that by doing so, they shall earn some goodwill in society & that good gesture of theirs can give them some peace of mind & fill their void inside them. Now they start running in the opposite direction. Earlier they were running after money & now they start running from money. Now they start distributing the money among poor people, whose share only, they have earlier hoarded in their accounts. In Hindu philosophy, there are two words, Aasakti & Virakti. Aasakti means getting attached to something/someone passionately. Virakti means running away from something/someone passionately. In both cases, person is not at peace. All these super rich persons fall in these two categories only & know not the real purpose of life.

So it is required of all rich people not to become mad about money & think first, for what purpose that money they are accumulating / hoarding. Shall it really serve some purpose in their individual personal life? If they are thinking that it shall serve some purpose for their family/sons/daughters, then it is an illusion for them as all these relations are over once you are dead & no one ever has contacted their relatives after death or no relative of theirs have ever contacted any dead relative of theirs. So let us not make money making as the purpose of life, as money has its own limitations. Let us think of the real purpose of life, why we have come to earth, where from we have come on earth, what we are actually supposed to do on earth & where we shall go after we leave this earth, who am I, where hath I came from & where shall I go after death. Lets first find a purpose of life before we proceed into it.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

God In All Religions

Hello Net Friends,

Today, I at http://www.hellonetfriends.com/ am going to share with you about God in all religions & about Omnipresent God.

Most of us believe in one or the other Religion & Central Theme of all Religions is "Faith in God". For a Christian its faith in " Jesus Christ", for a Muslim its faith in "Allah", for a Hindu its faith in their personal Hindu God & believers of other faith also have faith in their God. In all these there is one common thing " Faith in God". Who this God is in all religions? Who is this God who listens to our Prayers & Fulfills them. How He is able to Listen to each & every person & grant their wishes to them.

God is basically Omnipresent, Individual Spirit which pervades everywhere, Yes everywhere , In your Home , In your neighbors Home, In every place of your City , In every place of your country , Everywhere on this Earth, Everywhere in your Galaxy & Yes everywhere in whole of the Cosmos. Yes there is one indivisible Spirit which dwells beneath whole space. It is much thinner than this Space all around us. As we are not able to see Space all around us, so we are not able to see God present all around us. We are able to feel his presence around us in the moments of Prayers , in the moments of Devotional songs being Sung or Listened.

A Christian is able to feel presence of Lord Jesus as God in such moments as That Spirit in the form of Lord Jesus is present Everywhere & all around us. A Muslim is able to feel presence of Allah in such moments as That Spirit in the form of Allah is present Everywhere & all around us. A Hindu is able to feel God all around him in the same way as God is present everywhere & is always near to you. Similarly a person of other faith is able to feel God around Him as God is Omnipresent in the form of all pervading Spirit.

As God is Omnipresent & is always near to us , always with us ; it is very easy to realize Him through our Faith & Prayer. Let us all have Faith in that Omnipresent God who is always with us Everywhere. If we shall have Faith in that Omnipresent God & if we Pray that Omnipresent Spirit , our life shall be fulfilled with all the Virtues.