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Saturday, May 20, 2006

God In All Religions

Hello Net Friends,

Today, I at http://www.hellonetfriends.com/ am going to share with you about God in all religions & about Omnipresent God.

Most of us believe in one or the other Religion & Central Theme of all Religions is "Faith in God". For a Christian its faith in " Jesus Christ", for a Muslim its faith in "Allah", for a Hindu its faith in their personal Hindu God & believers of other faith also have faith in their God. In all these there is one common thing " Faith in God". Who this God is in all religions? Who is this God who listens to our Prayers & Fulfills them. How He is able to Listen to each & every person & grant their wishes to them.

God is basically Omnipresent, Individual Spirit which pervades everywhere, Yes everywhere , In your Home , In your neighbors Home, In every place of your City , In every place of your country , Everywhere on this Earth, Everywhere in your Galaxy & Yes everywhere in whole of the Cosmos. Yes there is one indivisible Spirit which dwells beneath whole space. It is much thinner than this Space all around us. As we are not able to see Space all around us, so we are not able to see God present all around us. We are able to feel his presence around us in the moments of Prayers , in the moments of Devotional songs being Sung or Listened.

A Christian is able to feel presence of Lord Jesus as God in such moments as That Spirit in the form of Lord Jesus is present Everywhere & all around us. A Muslim is able to feel presence of Allah in such moments as That Spirit in the form of Allah is present Everywhere & all around us. A Hindu is able to feel God all around him in the same way as God is present everywhere & is always near to you. Similarly a person of other faith is able to feel God around Him as God is Omnipresent in the form of all pervading Spirit.

As God is Omnipresent & is always near to us , always with us ; it is very easy to realize Him through our Faith & Prayer. Let us all have Faith in that Omnipresent God who is always with us Everywhere. If we shall have Faith in that Omnipresent God & if we Pray that Omnipresent Spirit , our life shall be fulfilled with all the Virtues.






  • Its good to read the article, I have full faith in God & feel his presence all around me as Omnipresent God as Jesus. I always feel Jesus around me , whenever, I pray. May Jesus Bless all.

    Steve Johnson

    By Anonymous Steve, at 7:28 PM  

  • Hi, I love Your courage - Keep it up your confession is your posession- And "wise is he that wins souls"
    I'm Glad to Know About Your Site,

    Get to Know about us at

    Blessings in the Lord
    Charles okurut

    By Blogger GLORY TO GOD MINISTRIES, at 10:56 AM  

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